Home Births

Midwifery Services For All Women & Families

As midwives for God, we do not take our services or the greatness of our assignment for granted. Our purpose is to stay focused on God’s plan, set it in motion, stay on target, and pray His will be accomplished. It is truly a blessing in helping parents remember that the focus of their birth should be in bringing glory to God.

Since pregnancy and childbirth experiences bring many blessings and lessons to learn along the way, we request that a questionnaire be completed and returned. It is designed with thoughtful questions, to help parents to understand this natural process utilizing God’s plan.

Upon accepting our services, the parents affirm to:

  1. Receive instructions and information based on biblical principles for educational purposes; with emphasis on health and personal responsibilities.
  2. Cooperate with God and midwives; keep communications open, to achieve the blessings that are involved in this experience.
  3. Strive to cultivate a mindset of trust and faith and implement Bible promises in your daily life, before labor and during delivery.
  4. Inform and discuss with midwife, before her arrival, of any planned guests to be present during labor and delivery.


  1. If applicable, parties will provide all travel costs ( roundtrip airfare, train, ground transportation, car fuel, etc.), room and food, during the stay for midwife and (1) assistant.
  2. Donations are accepted for all services rendered (bartering accepted), upon completion of assignment.

Additionally, a personalized pregnancy chart is provided to expectant mother to allow for recording of information/notes/activities about her development.

Commission and Credentials

God sends His workers on massive assignments, that are very impactful, but they are not always aware of the greatness of the assignment. He does this in order for us to stay focused and not become fearful, but to follow through and stay on target. As His co-laborer, we are being used to set God’s plans in motion and in some cases, pray His will be done upon this earth.

We are Midwives for God and willing vessels to legally and lawfully birth His plan upon this earth. If it is God’s will for us to minister unto you, we gladly say, “Not our will, but His will be done.”

Servants of the Most High God,

Sister Pat

“It is not the external tools which the midwives possess that makes them effective, but the internal tools –the things which are on the side of God, the side of heaven, and the side of eternal life.”