Children’s Health

You Have a Big Say in Your Child’s Health

Colic. Asthma. Fever. Chicken pox. Eczema. Autism. Pink eye. Acne. Colds. Headaches. PMS. Sickle Cell Anemia. Epilepsy. ADHD. Sore throat. Leukemia. These are some of the health issues facing babies, children and teens today, and these issues must be resolved if our children are to have lives worth living.

Healthy children do not just happen. Many parents and guardians fail to do the things necessary to prevent sickness and disease because of ignorance, negligence, financial difficulties or other reasons.

Everywhere, parents are seeking answers to the sicknesses and diseases that plague their families. In the relief of sicknesses, we are bombarded with the phrase, “Go to the hospital,” “Ask your doctor.” What an offense to God! God says, “…..I am the LORD that healeth thee.Exodus 15:26. “In vain shalt thou use many medicines; for thou shalt not be cured.” Jeremiah 46:11.

Children are a precious gift from God and if they are properly cared for it will show that society is made a better place because of it. Who better is qualified to care for their children but those who feed them daily, who spend day and night with them, who know their every move, and who nurtures them. We call this “familiarity at its best!” Why seek an outsider?

Every child born is the property of God. Your child is not your own; you cannot do with him/her as you like, for he/she is the property of the Lord as spoken in Psalms 127:3; “Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord.

When it comes to children, parental care is a personal duty and a scared obligation given by God as stated in this quote: “Parents stand in the place of God to their children, and they will have to render an account, whether they have been faithful to the charge committed to their trust.”
E. G. White, Review and Herald, October 14, 1875.

Upon every parent or guardian rests a great responsibility that, if carried out intelligently, brings reward beyond compare. To your child(ren), you are accountable in a great degree for their physical, mental, and spiritual health. The achievement of this depends upon you. The reward is the untold happiness derived from a healthy child and a future free from those conditions that are the result of careless actions and mismanaged children.

Parents must realize, when it comes to their child’s well being, that they are the most important members of the medical team. It is their duty to guide, nurture, and provide proper care for their children along the road of life.

If you were given the opportunity to protect your children from autism, ADHD, multiple sclerosis, allergies, and many other diseases, I’m sure you would take it in a heart beat.

All parents have it in their power to learn much concerning the care and prevention, and even the treatment, of disease. Especially ought the mother to know what to do in common cases of illness in her family. She should know how to minister to her sick child. Her love and insight should fit her to perform services for it which could not so well be trusted to a stranger’s hand.
Ministry of Healing, p. 382.

In the school of experience, failure can be success in disguise. Successful parents are like springs; the harder they are squeezed by the difficulties of life, the further they will bounce when released.

“From the light that God has given me, I know that the husband and the wife are to be in the home minister, physician, nurse, and teacher, binding their children to themselves and to God, training them to avoid every habit that will in any way militate against God’s work in the body, and teaching them to care for every part of the living organism.”
Adventist Home, p. 184.3.

Rare indeed are the natural remedies and books devoted to the subject of health for babies, children, and teens. Invaluable modalities are made available by the Great Physician — herbs, water therapy, 8 health laws, along with how to apply them. Simply, natural remedies that work. That really make a difference.

Just imagine, if children are kept healthy, then as adults they will not have to be repaired. But be warned, don’t expect your child’s physician to support you on this life saving task OF GOD’S HEALING WAY!

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