Here Are Our Most Frequently Asked Questions


Is it safe to take charcoal during pregnancy?

Yes charcoal can be taken during pregnancy in each trimester. However, charcoal can bind the bowels, so plenty of water should be taken after ingesting it. Also, if a woman is on any medications, charcoal will adsorb (remove) it from the body. Hence, care should be used when taking charcoal.

Is it recommended or safe to have sex during pregnancy?

No. Any sexual indulgences, during pregnancy should be suspended with decided benefit to both mother and child. (Matthew 1:25). The females of most animals resolutely resist the advances of the males during this period, being guided in harmony with natural law by their natural instincts. (Job 12:7-8)

How much weight should a woman gain during pregnancy?
Weight gain varies between women based on several factors i.e. height, pre-pregnancy weight, etc. The weight gain can range from 11-40 lbs. for one child; 25 – 54 lbs. if carrying twins. Managing your weight is recommended to avoid conditions that can affect health.
Is it possible to have VBACs (vaginal births after c-section) after having c-sections?

Indeed. The saying, “once a c-section, always a c-section” is not true. The woman’s body was made to deliver babies via the vaginal canal. (Job 3:10-12). However, your chances to accomplish this is by choosing a home birth or if choosing hospital, labor at home until you are closer to delivering baby.

Is it okay to travel by car, bus, or airplane up to how many weeks/months?

Yes. Travel is allowed entire gestational period (Luke 2:5-6), however, ensure that proper circulation is obtained by moving around, doing feet exercises, walking, etc.

My wife has symptoms of a UTI and we were wondering if there is a natural solution.
Some women experience UTI’s during pregnancy and are not sure what are the cause(s) i.e. insufficient water intake, prior antibiotic usage, improper hygienic practices, etc. After ascertaining cause(s), application of a warm vinegar sitz bath 2xs daily; drink echinacea tea 3xs daily, until symptoms are gone.
How do I know if I am having false labor or true labor?
False labor does not come in regular intervals, and if you change positions or walk around it may disappear altogether. On the other hand, true labor may come with a “bloody show,” contractions get stronger and occur more frequently and last longer.
How do I know if I am having a miscarriage?

A miscarriage is identified by bleeding more than a heavy period and may be associated with cramping. (See Miscarriage protocol in blogs).


Is it okay to fast once a week as a nursing mother?
It is completely safe and may be necessary. In ancient Israel there was a 24 hour fast.
If fearful of getting gas/flatulence, drink warm/hot herbal tea, or do a fruit fast.
Is it normal for an exclusively breastfed baby to lose weight?
Normal is relative depending upon different factors. However, babies should begin to grow and thrive as they are breastfed daily. If this does not occur, the mother’s diet and/or baby’s health needs to be ascertained and conditions changed to facilitate proper weight.
Should newborns be given water?
Yes. A baby’s body needs water to help cleanse the body.  The amount of water varies by weight.  Example:  baby’s weigh divided by 2 = # ounces of water.  8lbs divided by 2 = 4 oz. daily (in between feedings).  (Ezekiel 4:11)
When does the breast milk starts after a baby is born?

Normally, a mother’s breast milk does not arrive until the third day after birth. During the first two days, the mother’s body produces colostrum: the first secretion from the mammary glands after giving birth, rich in antibodies.

Is it recommended to exclusively breastfeed for 2 years or until babies milk teeth (molars) have come in?
Babies can be breastfed exclusively up to 2 years and receive proper nutrients. It is best that baby’s are fed table food once they have their molar teeth (stomach teeth) to ensure proper mastication and digestion as stated in this quote: {E.G. White, 3 Manuscript Release, p. 307.4} “The transformation of food into good blood is a wonderful process, and all human beings should be intelligent upon this subject. In order that the digestive fluids may be called into action, and the saliva becomes mixed with the food, the teeth must do their work carefully and thoroughly. Each organ of the body gathers its nutrition to keep its different parts in action. The brain must be supplied with its share, the bone with its portion.”
How do I treat sore nipples?
Sore nipples are usually due to one or both of two reasons. Either the baby is not positioned and latched properly, or the baby is not suckling properly, or both.  The best prevention is latching the baby on properly.


  • Wear 100% cotton bra and breast shells to help keep the nipple dry
  • Avoid plastic lined pads
  • Use only water to clean nipples
  • Massage nipples with olive, shea butter or coconut oil to reduce discomfort
  • Put few drops of breast milk on areola and nipple and air dry
What causes a baby to have colic? What is the cure for colic?
The cause of colic is from overfeeding baby. It is best to have baby on a regular interval feeding schedule i.e., every 3 -4 hours. A soothing tip would be to gentle rub baby’s belly clockwise a few times, with an oil (olive, coconut, etc.) starting from ascending to transverse and down descending colon. Also, give baby 1/2 cup of diluted catnip tea, in a dropper, is beneficial.
Are my breast too small to breastfeed?
Milk production has nothing to do with breast size. Correct latch-on and patience are especially important steps in successful breastfeeding.

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