“Delivering midwifery to all women in the world.
God’s Way!”

“And this [maternal] gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness, and then shall the end come.”

Matthew 24:14




“Delivering midwifery to all women in the world.
God’s Way!”




“Delivering midwifery to all women in the world.
God’s Way!”

God’s Way

Before the earth was formed, God had a plan to populate the earth with people made in His image. He provided His instructions and details to test His people to see if they would follow His plan. Did you choose God’s Way?

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What is God’s Way All About?

As a gospel medical missionary/midwife for God, it is such a privilege to be in on the ground floor of a new life beginning on earth. These special deliveries are blessed experiences which allow me to share stories and photos.

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We simply catch the babies as God delivers them.

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Are you ready to reclaim women’s rights to a physical, mental and spiritual birth… God’s Way?

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The Maternal Gospel has released 12 Comprehensive, Easy to Read & Illustrated Guides pertaining to the following subjects: Breastfeeding, C-Sections & VBACs, Family Planning, Father & Mother Physicians, Female Reproductive System, Home Births, Infertility, Labor & Childbirth, Miscarriage & Stillbirths, Parenting, Postpartum & Newborn Care, & Pregnancy. Purchase individually or as a set. Both Physical and Digital copies are available for sale.

Maternal Gospel - Pratical Guide Set

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Serving mothers and families all over the world, as the Lord leads.

"Sister Pat, I trust and hope that all is well with you. God is merciful we are all well this side. I wish to share good news with you about home birth that was a success. We managed to get hold of sister Bianca who was trained by you twice.

It was one of the great moments that one will never forget, home birth. All, by God's grace, went well. My wife delivered the boy child on the 27th of March at 1300.

We thank God for the midwife ministry. May He richly bless your work."

S.H., South Africa

"Sister Pat, So our pregnancy journey came to an end at about twenty to 5 in the evening. God did for us what we know is medically impossible (vbac after two c sections and a twin pregnancy). We will forever be grateful for your prayers and advice and words of encouragement."

L.L., South Africa

"Sister Pat.. Our hearts are grateful for the love you have shown toward us. We appreciate your assistance in the delivery of our firstborn son and your liberal hand. May God bless you for all your kindness."

Mr. & Mrs. H. South Africa

"Thanks for being a great faithful friend and midwife....We greatly appreciate all that God's hand has blessed you with and the care you put in."

Mr. & Mrs. J. California

"Because of you I'm more encouraged to really be the Jochebed of the Old Testament and the Mary of the New Testament to train my children in the way of the Lord."

G.G. Florida

"What an honor it has been to have your assistance. Praise God for your ministry. Your help is greatly appreciated."

Mr. & Mrs. M. Florida

"The Lord used Mamma Pat to catch my miracle baby. After three C-sections I was able to have a natural home birth. The care, love, compassion and servitude I received was exceptional. It was a blessing having my baby in the comfort of my home. I would highly recommend. God's way is the best way! #homebirthbaby"

M.M. Maine

"Wow you are such a positive midwife. You are a blessing! I believe crossing paths with you has been of divine intervention. Me and my husband are ever so thankful for the support. My husband's faith has grown immensely by your support."

Rachel U.K.

"No matter where God leads....You've always answered His call. As you share His love around the world, may you be encouraged to know that so many are praying for you and proud of all the work you've done."

Wilma B. California


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