Postpartum & Newborn Care


Discover a transformative journey with the Maternal Gospel Postpartum & Newborn Care Practical Guide. This comprehensive, easy-to-read, and illustrated guide is designed to lead you safely and knowledgeably through the intricacies of Postpartum & Newborn Care. Whether you’re navigating your first pregnancy or seeking better ways to manage maternal health, this guide provides clear and practical advice.

Equip yourself with the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions and embrace the journey of motherhood with faith and assurance.


So, the newborn(s) has arrived. Joy and excitement is in the room. Labor and birth are behind and resting is on the mother’s mind. The birth of your baby is truly the culmination of a miracle, a moment for praise and thanksgiving.

But wait. Now that your months of waiting for your bundle of joy — baby boy or girl — you can expect more physical and mental changes in yourself in the weeks following birth. No one can prepare you for the first time you look into the eyes of your new baby. It’s a special experience like no other.

This practical guide will give you answers for the following questions:

  1. How long is the postpartum period?
  2. What specific care is needed for the mother?
  3. What should be the mother’s daily routine?
  4. How do I assess my lochia after birth?
  5. What are the healthy and warning signs during postpartum?
  6. When is the best time to have visitors?
  7. When can a mother start exercising?
  8. When does the menstrual cycle return?
  9. What is the best method to avoid getting pregnant during postpartum period?
  10. How soon can we resume sexual intercourse after birth?
  11. What is postpartum depression and anxiety?
  12. How should I take care of my newborn?
  13. Why does my newborn have certain appearances?
  14. When should I bath my newborn?
  15. How would I know my baby has jaundice?
  16. How should I care for my newborn umbilical cord stump?
  17. What are newborns sleeping patterns and habits?
  18. Is swaddling safe for infants?
  19. What type of clothing should a baby wear?
  20. What are some tips for diapering my baby?
  21. Are vaccinations best for my newborn?

Individual Guide Dimensions: 5.5 (W) x 8.5 (H)


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