During a mission trip, traveling from Germany to South Africa, I told my medical missionary partner, “I don’t want to sit next to you on this flight but want to find someone else to talk to.” Our seats were changed and the journey began.

Seated next to a young woman in her twenties, I prayed that I would be able to minister to her on this trip. Once the plane was in the air, I looked over and greeted my seat mate and she hesitantly spoke back and turned her back and look out of the window.

Since the flight was six hours, the opportunity opened for us to start conversing after the meal was served. Introducing myself and the purpose of my trip, the conversation brought interest and we talked the rest of the flight. Upon arriving at our destination, we continued our conversation at the baggage claim. Before departing our separate ways, we hugged and exchanged numbers.

Fast forwarding, throughout the years I kept in contact with the young lady. Four years later, I received a text informing me she was pregnant. She inquired about my midwifery services and said she would like to utilize them. Three months later, me and my assistant arrived to a loving family in Alaska. The baby arrived three days after our arrival. The birth was quick and beautiful. A 9 lb. baby girl was born to Mike and Ann. During our stay, we met several of their friends and family. Truly, this appointment was Heaven ordained.

After the birth of a child, every family should have a testimony, “for it [shall be] a witness between us that the LORD [is] God” (Joshua 22:34). “There’s no place like home” may have all new meaning after reading about these stunning experiences and see the birth photos of moms and their babies delivered in their homes.

We would like to share “inside stories” of families who experienced a home court advantage, victoriously…..God’s way!