Three what? Not children, but c-sections! A former client, sharing her home birth experience had given their neighbor my telephone number after hearing their horror birth stories. The couple felt this was something they should look into and they called me.

While talking on the phone, their first inquiry was “Do you do VBACs for women who have had 3 c-sections?” My response, “Indeed God does! Is anything too hard for Him?” In the conversation, the wife mentioned that she was hesitant only because all she knew about was her medical education and experience. Praise God her husband spoke up on God’s behalf and encouraged her to trust God and have faith. Their decision was to move forward with plans for a home birth.

Honestly, I didn’t think the mother would follow through on their plans. But to my surprise, they were making travel plans for us as it got closer to her estimated due time. As a note, the mother never sought medical care during her pregnancy. No doctor visits, ultrasound, no blood tests….nothing!

I was told that in the middle of her pregnancy, a friend began to question her decision to have a home birth and put words of fear and doubt into the mother’s ears. After discussing with her husband, he went to the Word of God and not only dissolved the friend’s influence but encouraged his wife more.

It was wintertime, we arrived at the couple’s home. Fellowshipped together while awaiting the baby’s arrival. The day and hour came, her labor lasted 5 hours, she delivered a 9 lb. baby boy. What joy was heard in that home. Truly, this family found victory in Jesus by having a VBAC.

After the birth of a child, every family should have a testimony, “for it [shall be] a witness between us that the LORD [is] God” (Joshua 22:34). “There’s no place like home” may have all new meaning after reading about these stunning experiences and see the birth photos of moms and their babies delivered in their homes.

We would like to share “inside stories” of families who experienced a home court advantage, victoriously…..God’s way!