It’s a girl! Those were the words spoken at 6:37 a.m. after a 31 hour, labor intensive home birth. With praise and thanksgiving, this was a meaningful experience, not only for me, but a lesson on faith for everyone present.

At 12:08 a.m., the husband called and informed me that his wife was in labor. I asked questions, packed my bags, picked up my assistant and drove 8 hours to their home. We arrived safely in the early morning hours. The mother’s water had broken and present were the wife’s mother, and co-workers of the couple.

The day progressed, and so did the wife’s contractions. In between, she rested, walked, and sang scripture songs. Around 11:30 p.m., contractions increased severely. As she pushed, we saw the baby’s hair inside vaginal canal. Excitement filled the room. Finally, the baby’s head reached the opening of the vagina, but did not crown. Then, the contractions stopped and the wife gave up after several attempts. To my surprise, the couple was advised, by a friend doctor that had come to the house, to go to a nearby hospital. As the couple was getting dressed, my comment to all present, if God can’t deliver this baby, surely no “man or hospital” can either!

Tired and disappointed, my assistant and I began to pray As the couple was about to leave the house, the wife’s contractions came back. They went back in the bedroom and we were called back to help. The wife said she needed help pushing baby out. We encouraged the wife to let go and allow God to have His way. Instantly, help came from above — the baby’s head crowned, and the rest of the story was told in the beginning. Praise God for His faith!

After the birth of a child, every family should have a testimony, “for it [shall be] a witness between us that the LORD [is] God” (Joshua 22:34). “There’s no place like home” may have all new meaning after reading about these stunning experiences and see the birth photos of moms and their babies delivered in their homes.

We would like to share “inside stories” of families who experienced a home court advantage, victoriously…..God’s way!