In August 2012, Faith FM Belize offered their community a two-week women’s seminar. The lecturer was Sister Pat Sheffield, a medical missionary/midwife from the United States, who taught them about health issues and childbirth. Radio announcements were made, and the Lord blessed them by bringing ladies from other towns. A total of 23 ladies attended, and they all completed the seminar.

During the second week of the seminar, Juan called the radio announcer to ask for prayer for Melida and the baby they were expecting. Her doctor had just told them the baby was in a breech position, so she would need surgery to deliver it. The radio announcer suggested they seek a second opinion from the U.S. medical missionary/midwife giving the seminar. That evening, Sister Pat examined Melida and said the baby was not breech and that everything was fine. Two weeks later she gave birth to a healthy baby girl at home, assisted by Sis Pat.

“We believe God provided that opportunity,” the radio announcer said, “because several ladies at the seminar wanted midwifery training. During the home birth, with the couple’s permission, three females from the training were allowed firsthand experience in assisting Sis Pat. We praise the Lord for such a timely opportunity, and Juan and Melida are now happily sharing their new found faith with their grandparents.”

After the birth of a child, every family should have a testimony, “for it [shall be] a witness between us that the LORD [is] God” (Joshua 22:34). “There’s no place like home” may have all new meaning after reading about these stunning experiences and see the birth photos of moms and their babies delivered in their homes.

We would like to share “inside stories” of families who experienced a home court advantage, victoriously…..God’s way!