(Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)

Did You Know?

It is assumed that people know certain things based on their education or status. Yet, that is not always the case.  To make a point, we’d like to test your “knowledge” with the following:

Did you know…

  • Menopause is a stage of life and not a disease?
  • God instructed WOMEN, not men, to assist in childbirth?
  • A normal menstrual period is seven days? Breech births can be done vaginally?
  • Disease is the result of a violation of the laws of health?
  • After childbirth, postpartum time for mothers is based on gender; Boy: 40 days, Girl: 80 days?
  • Home births are natural and heaven approved?
  • The “rhythm,” “withdrawal,” and “herbs” family planning methods work against nature and your health?
  • Poor posture can be a cause of disease?
  • Half the diseases of women are caused by unhealthful dress?
  • To be properly educated is better than having your child(ren) vaccinated?
  • Prenatal care begins before pregnancy?
  • Breastmilk is the best food for babies?
  • A woman’s uterus can rupture at any time after having a c-section?
  • All circumcisions, if done, should be performed on the eighth day to avoid an adverse physiological effect?

How did you do? Did your “No” outnumber your “Know?”

Each question is biblical and its principles are shown in the scriptures. Throughout this website, we will provide the answers and much more in the most practical way. Then again, for those who believe they “Know,” here’s an opportunity to expand your knowledge.