Ovarian cysts result in estrogen over-production. They can be painless or cause sudden, sharp severe pain, and pain during sexual intercourse.

As a result of various factors, you have a failed or disordered ovulation it can and most often results in ovarian cysts. The follicles are enlarged but failed to rupture from the ovary.

During the monthly cycle, you have FSH – follicle stimulating hormone that stimulates their development. Then LH – luteinizing hormone that promotes ovulation and transforms the follicle into the corpus luteum. This is the progesterone producing structure.

Progesterone is what shuts off ovulation in one ovary or another. But when you have cysts developing on the ovaries you do not have the progesterone production to shut off this process. So every month your body is going to attempt to ovulate, and it may be a failed attempt.

If sufficient natural progesterone is supplied prior to ovulation, then LH levels are inhibited and ovulation does not take place.

Adding natural progesterone cream from day 10-26 suppresses the LH and its effects. It hinders ovulation and the ovarian cysts will not be stimulated and can have a chance to regress and atrophy.


Take a hot bath, soaking in a tub of water as hot as is necessary to raise the mouth temperature to 101.5º, or thereabouts. If the female is in health apart from the ovarian cyst, she will have no difficulty if her mouth temperature is raised that high or higher. She can bathe her face constantly with ice water while in the hot tub. A helper who can do this for her makes the treatment more comfortable and effective. The hot bath increases pelvic blood flow, and encourages the body to heal the ovarian cyst.

After about 20-30 minutes of sitting in the tub, she should stand up, turn on the shower as cold as she can bear it, and rub herself vigorously while turning round and round in the shower for about 20-50 seconds Then she should step out of the shower, rub herself briskly with a coarse dry towel, and then lie down for about an hour. Repeat the treatment five days a week for ten to twelve treatments.

Herbal Tea: Mix one part licorice root, two parts chaparral, one part cramp bark, one part false unicorn, three parts red clover. Powder the mixed herbs in a blender. Put one teaspoon in a cup of boiling water. Cool, and while keeping the powdered herbs stirred up from the bottom, drink both the liquid and the powder. Use one cup four times a day. Continue the herbs for six to ten weeks. This mixture will often shrink ovarian cysts and endometriosis, as well as uterine fibroids. It will often abolish chronic vaginitis and other vaginal and uterine infections.