P.R.E.G.N.A.N.T.  health laws are  a compilation of all the general principles essential to the pregnant woman’s mental, physical and spiritual health, not just for her sake, but for that of her baby. Each law of health contains simple instructions and principles that should be followed.

PRAYBegin each day with God.  God’s promises in the Bible are the means by which we place our trust in Him. Eliminate stress, and put God to the test!
RESTTrain yourself to rest at will. Relaxation of the mind and legs, it is healing and refreshing. Maintain regular sleeping hours for quality sleep. A midday nap may be required. Sleep in a well-ventilated room.
EXERCISEExercise consistently at least five times a week to strengthen the muscles i.e. walking, gardening. Move hips from side to side to rotate pelvic. If unable, a massage is recommended.
GET SUNSHINEExposure to sunlight at least thirty minutes a day brings a healthy glow to the face.
NEED WATERTake internally and use externally. Its proper use promotes health and assists nature to resist sickness. Strive to drink 6-8 glasses a day.  The external use is one of the easiest ways of regulating the circulation of the blood.
ALLOW FRESH AIRInhale and exhale breathe daily. Keep fresh air in bedroom.
NUTRITIONEat largely of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts. Avoid irritating, exciting, and spicy foods i.e., coffee, sodas, pickles, pies, cakes, sugar, hot pepper. Avoid eating between meals.
TEMPERANCEJudicious use of good things. Do not overwork, overeat, or under dress. Refrain from in marital relations.